Four Fillies (formerly AFS Designs) is a collection of handcrafted and designed, one of a kind range of earrings and accessories to suit each and every lady. We cater for anyone with a love for unique, affordable pieces of jewellery. We stock handmade creations made from polymer clay and Leather and freshwater pearls and various metals. We are based in the small country town of Burren Junction in North West NSW in the Walgett shire.


Hi, my name is Alana (Pronounced Al-anna) and I am the owner, creator, photographer, social media director and now I think you get the picture – it’s a one woman show here. Four Fillies began under a different business name way back in 2018 in that horrible drought that will be remembered and saved in the history books (and my memory). I was newly engaged and planning my wedding, in the middle of a drought feeding cattle and sheep and wanted to start a small business – crazy I know. But I felt I had to keep my mind occupied while we waited for rain. So, I started making fabric button earrings. I started wearing them to work and at home and to town for groceries and I just loved them. Then my mum said she’d like some and to also make a few extra little pairs for a friend’s daughter’s birthday. Then my friend Gemma wanted some, and while I was going, I made different pairs for all 3 of my sisters. And as they say, it snowballed and within the first few months I had created a website and was attending local markets.

I soon started using different mediums such as polymer clay and resin which were so much fun to experiment and play around with. In early 2020 I incorporated genuine leather and freshwater pearls into my materials, and they have since become my absolute favorite collection. Jump forward to 2021 and I have started to create accessories such as gold- and silver-plated earrings and necklaces as well as our polymer clay, leather and pearl collections. I was asked in about June 2021 how COVID19 (yes, the dreaded c word) had affected my business and at first, I didn’t really know how to answer because to be honest I hadn’t really seen a change in sales, just markets and wholesale orders (as stockists had to close their shops), but not a great change in my retail sales. My small business essentially grew during COVID. Unbelievable, I know.

2020-2021 would be the year/s Four Fillies officially emerged as a part-time business as well as working alongside my husband and his parents in their mixed cattle and farming operation. And it rained. YAY. 2020 was a bumper crop year and 2021 is looking to be the same and with cattle prices on the up, farm life is better than ever. I have been asked several times if I would go full time with Four Fillies which is a dream never too far from my mind, but I could never step away from cattle work and my horses as they are probably equally as important to me as Four Fillies and I couldn't give up any to spend time on just one.